Benjamin B. Chemelski

Breakfast Serial Zine

“Solar System” was my graduate thesis project. 
Much of my portfolio and work while in graduate school lead up to this project.

I developed a graphic design system that translated the math of our celestial neighborhood into visual form. Each planet’s characteristics are located in the same position in the composition, it is the math that
is determining the variation amongst the eight. 

Characteristics shown are as follows:
Axial tilt
Distance from the Sun
Number of moons
Orbital period
Planet position
Planet size
Presence of a ring system

Breakfast Serial Zine

Created during a weekend workshop with designer Michele Champagne.
This project was meant to be a visual exploration of our thesis topics developed
in zine form. My subject matter was the Planets of our Solar System, but I chose
to focus on one planet for this, the planet Mercury. 

This experimental project ultimately lead to a similar, albeit more controlled
 visual language for my thesis.